Thursday, April 1, 2010



we must be strong... jgn mcm nie k.. sy sedih bl tgk kamu sedih.. huhu... skg nie, memg sume ngah stress.. cmne nk siapkan asgment yg byk.. leps tue plus your personal problem.. abaikan je sume tue.. w/pon sy tau mcm2 jadi kt kamu sejk akhir2 nie... jgn mudh putus must go on..  i want u to know that, sy sntiasa ad kat sblh kmu and sokong ape iua decision yg kmu buat...


My friend
I want you to know
Our love for each other
has helped us to grow
the only one I ever trusted was you

We've been through some tough times
but we've made it through
You helped me through anger
You're chased away fears
You held me through sadness

You stayed by my side
When the world turned away
You helped me see joy
When the skies were all gray

You were the rainbow
at the end of the storm
You help me be different
When I shouldn't conform

When life gets you down
And there's nowhere to turn
I'll help you through and 
I'll share your concern

I'll try my best to return every favor
When you're sure that you'll drown
Then i'll be your lifesaver
Even if we both go down

Whether we sink or swim
Doesn't matter at all
Just know that I'll be there 
whenever you call

I'll put you out
when life pulls you under

I'll be the sun
when there's lightning and thunder
And when it's over
And we're fought every war
There's one thing I promise
Of this I am sure
When the time comes
That we're put to our rest
be sure that you know that
My friend, you're the best....

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